Caring For Your Beautiful Hydrangeas


Select a gardening spot in the semi shade. A spot in the sun will also do, but be sure to water more frequently especially during the summer months. Beautiful Hydrangeas will thrive in Hardiness Zones 5-9.


Dig a hole two to three times bigger than the pot and throw in ample potting soil. To stimulate re-growth of roots, remove the pot and slightly break up the edges of the root ball. Saturate the hydrangea in a bucket of water for a few minutes if the root ball feels dry before planting.


After planting, water sufficiently. Repeat watering regularly, especially after planting to promote growth of new roots. Be careful not to overwater.

The Origins of the Hydrangea

Native to China and Japan the Hydrangea has been celebrated for centuries. The Hydrangea most commonly known is Hydrangea macrophylla. In the U.S., the variety ‘Merritt’s Supreme’ was developed and is currently the most popular variety among Hydrangea growers. Hydrangeas are currently being bred in the U.S, Japan, Germany and France. New varieties are being introduced every year, but at Kurt Weiss Greenhouses, we only select the best varieties available to the grower industry.

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